Clear Transparent Plastic Boxes PET box, PP box, PVC box in Vietnam

Clear Transparent Plastic Boxes

SPK Packaging manufactor Clear Transparent Plastic Boxes in Binh Duong provine, Vietnam

SPK Packaging produce the highest quality clear plastic boxes start with the finest quality, box-grade plastics available: premium grade APET, RPET, bio-PET, PETG, PP and PVC clear transparent plastic boxes, transparent plastic boxes from food and confectionery, belts and bow ties, giftware, toiletries and stationery.

Clear Plastic Boxes of SPK Packaging looks after all aspects of design and production and SPK Packaging looks after finance, accounts and administration. Both of them having many years experience in their respective fields. Transparent Plastic Boxes


Clear Transparent Plastic Boxes PET box, PP box, PVC box in Vietnam

The Company aims to give a complete service to customers for all their packaging requirements and will advise on the most cost-effective method of packaging and enhancing their products.

Our cutting forme boards are produced on CAD/CAM using laser cutting technology.

We have many blue chip customers, but small enterprises, with small quantities, can be accommodated cost effectively with our fast set up and rapid tooling operation.

A wide variety of industries use our transparent packaging, from food and confectionery, bridal headwear, belts and bow ties, giftware, toiletries and stationery. We also supply the trade packaging industry with lids and windows.

The Company aims to give a prompt and professional service to all its customers. Clear Plastic Boxes

Folded packaging cartons are all supplied in flat form ready for you to fold up as you need them. They come in variety of styles, the most common being:
Tuck End Flap
Tuck End Flap with Slit Locks
“D” LockThe weight of content, size, freedom of access and speed of assembly requirement determine which combination is best suited to your product.

Cartons have a Single Glued Seam which is normally positioned on one of the side faces adjacent to the rear panel to avoid difficulties in closing the filled cartons.

These packs can be decorated by Screen Printing or Hot Foil Blocking.

Euro hanging tabs can be included in these packs either as an external standing extension of the back face, or as an unfolded flap.

Please Contact Us to enquire about transparent folded packaging cartons.


Plinths and Inserts of Clear Transparent Plastic Boxes

As many irregular shapes and sizes of product are packed into these containers, it is often necessary to restrict their movement within the pack for safe transit and presentation. These can be made in PVC or Card and can be Printed as required.

These are supplied in flat form for you to insert as you need. In some cases it is possible to incorporate the plinth into the carton itself.